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ALL.SPACE, formerly Isotropic Systems, has developed the 5th generation smart terminal, capable of linking with all satellites, all networks, in all orbits, all at once. Our ground-breaking software-defined service enablement platform integrates intelligent routing, edge computing and on-demand services to deliver unprecedented network resilience and application performance. Whether you're on land, sea or air, we ensure that you stay connected. Our S2000 range is customisable across a range of sizes, Tx/Rx ratios, aperture combinations and scan ranges with up to 8,100 unique configurable options. Our modular architecture allows you to pick the exact terminal configuration to meet your requirements.
Ambition helps sales organizations get real-time performance insights and create revenue-driving culture. World-class clients like Aerotek, UPS, Wayfair, Prezi and Arrive Logistics use the Ambition platform to create transparent, goal-oriented, and inspired sales teams and call centers. See why the Harvard Business Review, AA-ISP and other experts endorse Ambition as a must-have technology for modern sales organizations.
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*** We are seeking our first round of investment *** Roadblocks to deploying machine learning models waste the majority of data science work, making it difficult for DS teams to prove their value. Celestium Computing is building an innovative platform to help companies maximize return on their AI/ML/DS investments. We: 1) Build support for ML model deployment by helping data scientists prove that their models achieve business objectives to all stakeholders who are part of the approval and deployment process. 2) Free DS teams from depending on product and devops engineers by dramatically easing the deployment of models into the products that use them. 3) Avoid embarrassment when models respond poorly to changing conditions by enhancing instrumentation and monitoring of products and their models. 4) Accelerate ML research with enormously powerful data preparation, researcher collaboration, and peer review tools. Feel free to reach out to us if you'd like to discuss our innovations in more detail.
Arch builds modular connected systems that free data trapped in factories, equipment, and in the world around us. Accessing this data allows companies to measure, understand, and optimize their resources, and leads to a more connected and sustainable Earth. Arch Systems is an Industrial IoT company originally out of Stanford University. We specialize in connecting legacy manufacturing equipment to the cloud. Our technology makes it easy to retrofit both new and legacy machines, across vendor types and models, to extract data and transform it into insights. This solution is particularly ideal where you have a mix of machines and people with manual and semi-manual operations. Machine utilization (up time vs down time), performance (counting every piece, counting operations and validating patterns, etc.), anomaly detection, and predictive maintenance are all available. Arch can be the cornerstone of a new Industry 4.0 solution, or we can integrate this data with in-house systems to accelerate existing Industry 4.0 or automation initiatives.
Aurora Insight offers a one-of-a-kind service that accurately and impartially measures the radio frequency spectrum. We collect, process and make available detailed data and knowledge, gained first-hand from proprietary technology. Our data makes it easier for business dependent on telecommunications infrastructure to access the insight they need to make critical service and investment decisions. As a result, we help improve communication for all.
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Bellabeat helps create a better, healthier lifestyle by bringing intuitive wellness tools to women, encouraging them to take care of their health. Bellabeat creates beautiful, innovative products that help women easily track their overall health and wellness, and get connected to their body and mind throughout different stages in life.
AI/ML powered diagnostics for hospitals
Giving can be complicated and filled with unnecessary fees and steps, creating a burden for businesses, individuals and charities. Charityvest was founded in 2016 on the belief that generosity doesn’t have to be hard and should be an enjoyable experience. Our platform offers individuals and employees tax-deductible giving accounts, making it simple for everyone to be generous. Whether you are looking for a workplace giving solution or personally want to create an account for your own giving, Charityvest can help.
Chef Robotics is a robotics and artificial intelligence company serving the food industry. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.
Cobalt provides indoor, security robots that autonomously patrol buildings using artificial intelligence and machine learning to flag anomalies and call for assistance when necessary. Each robot is supported by human specialists at Cobalt who interpret anomalies and can respond in real-time via video-enabled touchscreen. Robots are capable of traversing both brightly and dimly lit environments with over 60 sensors and integrate with existing security platforms and a cloud-based performance monitoring dashboard.
CrossLend is a Berlin-based FinTech company providing a digital platform for end-to-end loan portfolio transactions. Leveraging the power of technology and data, CrossLend facilitates interactions between originators and institutional investors through data management & analytics, a distribution platform, and a streamlined digital settlement process. The company’s pan-European client base includes banks, alternative lenders, pension funds, and insurance companies.